Search Engine Optimisation

SEO should not be considered as a cost but an investment and if you want to get more results with it you should be willing to invest.

Along with basic keyphrase research and implementation, 121 Web Consultancy has the knowledge and expertise to create your search engine friendly website architecture. The fundamental requirements of SEO start with the structure, navigation, coding and content of a website, all of which come as standard throughout the design and build, but do not guarantee rankings or positions. Beyond this there is no doubt that SEO is a marketing field best dealt with by a specialist.

121 Web Consultancy knows how sceptical and nervous clients can become on the subject of SEO investment, and quite rightly with companies happy to charge extortionate monthly fees to repeat the same ineffective work over and over again. In addition there are many so-called experts making unrealistic claims and empty promises and those using black hat, unethical and out-of-date practices more likely to harm positions than improve them.

Therefore, it is with trust and recommendation that 121 Web Consultancy works in partnership with the very best in SEO support and delivery in the UK. Able to refer clients not only to a team who take an in-depth analytical and personalised approach to every part of your project, but also deliver genuine value for money by maximising your return on investment, using a proven process that is so successful it comes with a Google page 1 guarantee.

  • All projects are broken down into 12 individual phases
  • There is no minimum commitment
  • You are not tied to any kind of long term contract
  • You can pick and choose whichever phases you feel you need
  • Delivery of each phase is completed at the right speed for you

This is not an offer of cheap prices and quick fixes that don't work and won't last. These are recommended packages, which come with a Google page 1 guarantee for relevant keyphrases and include the completion of all 12 phases in 4 months. If you have a marketing budget for your website and this sounds like the kind of expertise you are looking for, see the following example investment options and contact 121 Web Consultancy for further information.

1. Brand Recognition SEO Package
Designed for new businesses, a key starting point for online brand building.
5 Target Keyphrases.
Overall 12 phase investment £948.00 = £79.00 per phase

2. Local Coverage or Low Keyphrase Competition SEO Package
Designed for small businesses targeting a local area or a niche product market.
23 Target Keyphrases.
Overall 12 Phase investment £2,388.00 = £199.00 per phase

3. Regional Coverage or Medium Keyphrase Competition SEO Package
Designed for businesses with a product or service that is popular and widely available.
56 Target Keyphrases.
Overall 12 phase investment £4,776.00 = £398.00 per phase

4. National Coverage or Higher Keyphrase Competition SEO Package
Designed for bigger businesses looking to sell nationally with a very well known product or service that is well used by a significant number of buyers.
100 Target Keyphrases
Overall 12 Phase investment £7,164.00 = £597.00 per phase

Investments for Custom Packages of 200+ keyphrases for bigger businesses looking to completely dominate their online market are available on request.

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If you would like to ask any questions or discuss your project in detail, then please do not hesitate to contact Steve at 121 Web Consultancy for a FREE no obligation telephone consultation.